MC Lookup – Lightning Web Component

FeatureDescriptionOptions / Values
OutputsMC Lookup OutputsSelected Record
Default records collection
Related records collection
Lookup headerHeader, leave blank if header not required.any text
Choose ObjectSObject including external objects & custom metadata
– excluding objects: history, share, tag, feed, group
Choose FieldsYou can add up to 3 fields that would be visible
when searching for records.
Top field is searchable.
You can also add extra fields to be accessible for the output.
Case sensitiveThis options only works for data coming from flow collection.Case sensitive or not sensitive
Avoid shieldingWhen searchable field is encrypted by SF shield, you can check this option to be able to
use this field.
This option valid only when data is NOT coming from flow collection.
Fetch dataFetch data from flow collection.
List only will display flow collection list with SObject type match chosen object.
Auto selected valuePre selected value when lookup is rendered.
You can select single record or collection. If collection chosen first value will be selected.
List only will display flow collection list with SObject type match chosen object.
Fire LMSLMS is published with 3 property:
– mcselectedrecord -> selected records including chosen fields
– mcrelatedcollection -> related records if chosen
– mclookupid -> id of lookup to get correct value if few lookup on the same page.
Object {}
Get related recordsGet related records collection based on selected lookup field and selected fields.checkbox , picklist, array
Can add new recordIf selected, user will be able to add new record when value not found. Chosen fields
would be populated with order chosen in multipicklist.
Can user select RTIf selected, user will be able to choose record type when adding new record and object have
different record type that Master.
Lookup widthWidth of the lookup component. any valid CSS for width
Selection RequiredIf selected, user won’t be able to go to next page without selection. Validation text is customizable.
Not found messageText to display when data not found.. font color, position and full css can be applied.any text
LicenceThe LICENCE must be requested to be able to use free or professional version.
Some components in MC Package will not require licence.
Org TypeTo requested correct licence you must choose Org Type: Sandbox or Production only.picklist