About MC

My experience and skills have grown from my childhood passion to IT. I still remember typing first command on Atari 65XE when I was 7 years old and being able to show some text on the screen. It was like magic to me.
Since then, I have been learning programming languages like Basic, Pascal, HTML, PHP, CSS, Java, JavaScript, C#, .NET, WPF, VBA, SQL, Apex, LWC.
Passion for CRM came through my employment where I had a chance to build my first ERP/CRM system, which led to improvement in company’s efficiency by 25% and increased annual revenue by 40%. The system was fully integrated with company website, accountant system and online shop that I have designed too.

I’m enthusiastic about growing and gaining new skills, so in my spare time I like to design Lightning web Component.
To keep my mind clear and body fit I play football in Sunday league and spent my holidays traveling and exploring new culture around the world.

8 x Salesforce Certified